Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Official, We're Headed to Rwanda!

Okay, so I realize we have about a gallion things to update you all on. But I figured I'd just jump right in with the most exciting.

We're going to Rwanda! Summer of 2012 we'll be heading out on a mission trip with our church here in Colorado, to reach a pygmy tribe outside of Kigali, Rwanda. This trip has already become very close to my heart, and I've been waiting for years for God to provide an oppurtunity like this. We are so beyond excited!

The tribe we'll be visiting loses 95% of their children before they reach the age of 5, largely due to the fact that they do not have adequete resources including shelter. So our goal is to build homes for the 88 families living in the village, in hopes that it will help them withstand the rainy season.

The trip will be pricey for the two of us, as we'll be bringing so many supplies for this project and traveling to such a remote area. So if you have any interest in supporting us, I'll be updating on some fun ways to do so soon!

In the meantime, River's Promise recently posted a video of a woman from the tribe we'll be visiting, and her gratefulness for their simple gift of blankets. How amazing is it that we get to top the blankets tenfold with homes!

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