Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pizza Bundt

We stumbled on a unique pizza recipe lately that we are loving for a fun meal when people come over.  Because Ben is Italian, pizza is kind of our "thing," and we are constantly looking for new and fun ways to present it.

It's an easy no-rise dough, individual pizza balls with the ingredients inside, and sauce for dipping. You and your guests pull off the chunks of pizza and dip them in the sauce.

You simply roll out the dough, pack it in with ingredients and cheese, pinch the dough edges together in a ball shape, and then brush with an olive oil and garlic salt mix, and pack them into a bundt cake pan.

A few tips: husband and I made the mistake of making one of these bad boys for the two of us on our first attempt, and after picking through a quarter of the bread and slumping down in our chairs with food babies, we realized this is at least a 4 personal meal. On our seccond time making it for our friends Robert and Katie, we realized it's a least a 5 person dish.

We also found that if you're using pepperoni, be sure to double up to on the slices (I know, really healthy) so you can taste them, and that a chunk of mozzarella is better than shredded cheese.

 And here's the easy dough recipe (we ignore the "let the yeast sit" part and just toss everything into our kitchen aid).

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  1. How long did you bake this for? I'm always looking for new ways to give the kids their favorite food. lol This would be great for movie night or a sleepover!