Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Mad Men Style

Our New Year's Eve plans are typically pretty low-key. Back in Chicago we have a tradition of spending it with two of our best friends making crazy drink concoctions and/or sledding. But this year we gather all of our good buds and threw a bash with the New Year's worthy theme of our favorite show Mad Men.

How we pulled it off:

The Set Up
We thrifted for some cute era-appropriate decor including a mid-century fondue pot and knick knacks. I pulled my favorite Mad Men party invite off of pinterest, and had Ben make us one to mimic it.  We kept the decor simple, with a few tissue paper poms and some fringed streamers.

We snagged a few boxes of candy cigarettes that could be seen in most any hand all evening. Ben also made an awesome "Sterling Cooper Draper Price Mercuri" image to display on our TV all night, and Pandora Mad Men Station made my life a whole lot easier.

The Food & Drinks
The food was the easiest part, since the grub of this era was relatively simple. We laid out dips, ham sandwiches, pizza pinwheels, pigs in a blanket and cheese fondue along with finger-foodish desserts. Drinks were key for this party though. We denied the admittance of trashy red party cups, and allowed only rocks glasses and campaign flutes. We also turned away beer, and asked people to bring their favorite hard alcohol. We set out a few ready-made creations like Old Fashions and Amaretto Sours (our favorites).

The Photobooth
I pulled all the era-appropriate looking furniture we had and put it in front of some old pieces of fabric. The "booth" was packed the entire night, and kept our guests well entertained (well before the hard liquor set in).

We drank, we laughed, we snapped photos, and we popped poppers at midnight. It was a blast, and I can conclusively say we're now theme party adicts.

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