Monday, April 16, 2012

We Need Your Help!

Hi everyone!
We are in the final stages of our fundraising for Rwanda. We are so blessed to be over 60% funded, but we can still use all the help we can get before our deadline of May 1st. 
Here's some more info about what we'll be doing on our trip:
The pygmy people we will visit have never had proper shelter, and they sometimes sleep standing up in the rainy season to avoid sleeping in puddles of water. The majority of the children will not live to see the age of 5. They have historically been a very marginalized people, so as a sign of respect we will be the first team of several to build the people traditional Rwandan homes.  
The funding for our trip will cover travel, airfare, building supplies, and food on our trip. We will also be partnering with and Crocs to bring additional supplies with us, including 100 pairs of shoes, and various knitted hats, socks, and quilts. Any additional funding we receive will go towards the cost of lugging these extras overseas with us. 
We will be sleeping in the village as a team, with no running water or electricity (we'll even be doing our business in holes!). We'll be learning about the Rwandan people, about the genocide that has affected their hearts and culture, and we'll also be taking day trips to reach out to University students, and to council with men and women dealing with a cultural myth that encourages men to rape village women. In other words, we hope to get as much as possible accomplished with our time there! 
We have just over two weeks to raise our remaining funds. We appreciate every dollar!
Here are some instructions about how to vie to our trip online:
Create a login and sign in
Under the "fund" form, click "theMILL"
Under the subform, scroll down to choose "Rwanda 2012: Ben Mercuri" (or Karleen).
If you'd prefer not to use the online giving, feel free to send via PayPal to
Many thanks to all those who have and will consider supporting us!
Karleen & Ben 

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