Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I'm Liking This Week

There's been a little bit of stress in our household lately, and it's mostly job related (as usual), and uncertainty about what the next few months have in store for us. So in hopes of not using our blog as an outlet to complain, here's a little fun from this drab week.

The Ink Nest
Stumbled across this designer's blog while looking for tattoo inspiration yesterday, and was thrilled to find a sense of style so perfectly matched to mine. Ideal inspiration for my next ink!

Check out The Ink Nest blog!

 New styles at work
Meaning this adorable pair now belongs to me

The fact that this basement will soon be a climbing wall
So I can stop sucking at my favorite sport. Winter training here we come!

More in-tents time together
Going up to Grandby a few weeks back was the first time we've slept in a tent since August. Which we realize is completely lame. We're excited for Bela & Heidi's visit this weekend for some more camp/climb time!

(note that my extremely good looking husband is pulling off  the "wife beater" look)

Mostly, we're just excited for a little simplicity over the next few weeks, and for our business to let up so we can do what we do best (just  hang).

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