Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why We Jumped Ship

We're blogspot newbies, transfers from over at Tumblr, and we've decided to make this our new blogging home. While we enjoyed our time there, we think we'll have an easier time connecting with and learning from other newlywed bloggers in our new diggs.

So feel free to check out our old blog here. If you'd rather stay local, here's a quick update on who we are.

We're the Mercuri's. We're Newlyweds (just passed the first year mark this week!), and Chicago natives (sort of). Ben (husband) is a graphic designer with Crocs shoes and a photographer in his ever-waning spare time. I'm a ex English Lit major turned Social Responsibility coordinator (which I also do at Crocs), and I sell outdoor gear to Coloradans at REI on the side.

After our wedding last year, we decided to take the plunge, and move away from our family and friends to live out our dream of moving to Colorado, where we are now currently adventuring near Boulder.

So that's us. We'll be here sharing whatever comes our way!

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